European American Center was founded

by Ilona Lee


Ilona Lee is a natural-born leadership connector with over 15 years of experience as business development consultant, and strategic business coach in Europe and USA. She is an expert in connecting international leaders and building partnerships for global expansions.

Success is not counted by how high you have climbed but by how many people you brought with you.
— Dr Wil Rose

As the founder of the Ilona Lee Inner Circle, a group that links up Leaders, Visionary Thinkers, Entrepreneurs, Business Experts and Influencers, she has demonstrated her gift for connecting people and has built a sizable network between U.S. and Europe. She organized and hosted over 30 events & inspiring workshops in Manhattan within few years. 

Originally from Poland, Ilona holds a master’s degree in economics from the Warsaw University of Technology, with an emphasis in public relations. She is also certified business coach by T. Robbins Strategic Intervention Training Center, and a licensed real estate expert at Oxford Property Group. 

As a mentor for Entrepreneurs Ilona loves helping them to grow, realize their full potential and build bold personal brands. Her strong passion for art, design and architecture made her become an ART Attaché and inspired her to found FINE ART STATE (members only platform for selling exclusive art, Her charisma, enthusiasm, consistency, and change-invoking attitude have been a major source of her inspiration and success in life.

She lives in Upper East Side of Manhattan with her 11 year old daughter Vivienne whom she explores the world with during her leisure.

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Ilona works directly with top industry professionals and experts who have 10+ years experience in global business expansion.

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